Ways to get more outdoors

Over the years, outdoor adventure and eco-friendly lifestyle are becoming more and more popular. The incentive may be stories in Instagram and other social networks, which gave people the opportunity to boast of looking for interesting places that the Earth has to offer.

This is how you can lead a healthy lifestyle, more in harmony with nature.

1. Make a list

Before you go to an unknown place, give yourself time to think. Make a list of reasons why you want to spend more time outdoors. Your list should become a union of love of nature, thirst for adventure and, ultimately, the desire for self-realization.

Deciding why you want something is crucial in determining what you want to get out of it by helping you set more achievable goals. With this in mind, make a list of what you want to do outdoors. They can be either general or very specific, just start small!

2. Make a commitment

Plan ahead. Find time for something short and include it in your daily routine, such as watching the sunrise before work. The longer the time, the longer you should devote yourself to planning. For day trips and weekend excursions, you will need more time to provide enough food, water and equipment.

Once you have made a plan, stick to it. Planning gives you the confidence to challenge your borders and take longer trips, which will eventually lead to more interesting adventures!

3. Choose a place to live

If you live somewhere where there is no outdoor activity that inspires you, you may consider moving to a neighborhood that is more suitable for your purposes. This does not mean that you need to go far away – you can move across town to be closer to the mountains, move to an area with a better park system.

But if you are looking for a big change, think about moving to an area where your outdoor interests are abundant. Cities and towns near mountains, water, and forests offer plenty of opportunities for year-round outdoor activities.

4. Start with a little adventure

There are many things that you can do outside that are also close to home. Do your daily fitness outdoors. Wake up early and go for a jog or a walk in the countryside. Give up your car for a ride to work and ride your bike. Camp in the backyard or hike around the city.

Take a camera and binoculars and look at the birds. Tracking animals, identifying plants and wildlife, finding food and wildlife are great ways to prepare you for the streets.

5. Find your park

Find the park that is close to you, and start exploring! Make a list of routes, campsites, fishing ponds, hikes and other outdoor adventures you would like to check out.

Hiking apps provide users with detailed information about the complexity of the route, conditions and availability, and allow travelers to leave feedback, photos and important updates. Google Maps is also a great tool, as it allows you to connect activity and your location, as well as give you a list of options to choose from

6. Go on a journey

Ready to go for a walk away from home? Go for an open road! Plan a trip that will allow you to visit places you don’t want to miss, and places that will allow you to explore the area. Instead of staying at chain hotels or major cities, choose car campgrounds, hiking trails, or Airbnbs that are in the country. If you have a truck or SUV, you can also turn your car into a mini-bedroom at the back.

7. International Travel

There are endless outdoor adventures all over the world. Before you buy a plane ticket, explore countries with safe places to travel outdoors. There are many group travels, as well as guided walking tours and adventure hikes.

Stay safe

Always explore your destination and weather conditions. Is it safe for your journey? Be sure to use appropriate equipment, including a first aid kit, water and cleaners, and basic necessities.

Respect nature – do not touch or eat any unknown plants and observe wild animals from a safe distance. The most important thing is not to go out in the nature alone and always give someone at home your route. With adventure comes danger, and you always want to be ready!

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