Hiking mistakes made by beginners

You have taken an excellent decision if you decided to leave your comfort zone and take part in a hike for the first time in your life. It can really change your life, give you a feeling of the strongest and brightest emotions you’ve ever experienced. In order to make your first camping experience unforgettable, you can avoid the major mistakes in camping that people make because of their inexperience.

Here are 10 common camping mistakes made by newcomer campers.

Choice of shoes

Very often people think that ordinary sports shoes are suitable for hiking. But in this case, it is important that the shoes were not only sporting, but also had a thick sole and a high shin. Climbing in the mountains is not so easy, and it is safe to pass through these rocky and bumpy roads will be possible only in a suitable shoe, otherwise you can hurt your legs.

No sunscreen and proper clothes

The sun in the mountains is strong and can cause burns. Many underestimate this fact and go hiking without proper clothes and sunscreen. To avoid further complications and burns, it is very important to wear a hat, clothing that covers the legs and hands, as well as applying sunscreen to the face and other open body parts.

Incorrect choice of clothes

Never take part in hiking in open clothing or in clothing that restricts your movement. We often notice this mistake with newcomers. Jeans and tight pants usually make it hard to walk. Camping clothing should be free, comfortable and not restrictive. Also note that the weather can be cold high in the mountains, so it is important to bring the appropriate warm clothes.

Improper nutrition before or during a hike

Meals during a hike play an important role, as they are one of the main sources of energy. However, it is important to know how and how much to eat. Since hiking is considered a sport, the principle of easy eating before and after the hike is also applied. It is clear that if you have eaten a lot before hiking, it will be harder for you to walk, because you have overloaded your body. Before the hike you can take easily digestible food, and during a long rest it is already normal to eat.

Incorrect backpack selection and overload

If you participate in a hike for the first time, you may not have a backpack. From your existing backpacks choose one that will be comfortable to carry on your back, and in which things will seem easier. Do not forget that during hiking, you will walk several times more than usual. So your backpack should be comfortable and lightweight. It is not necessary to overload your backpack with unnecessary and unnecessary items.

Incorrect fitness score

A hike is not a tourist tour or a walk. Therefore, you should take into account that this sport requires some physical training. Even if you are not engaged in sports, it is very important that in everyday life you do some physical exercises. For people who lead a sedentary lifestyle, hiking can be stressful. So if you want to participate in hiking, start a more active lifestyle.

Breakdown of the system and deviation from the general pace

As we have already mentioned, a hike is not a walk but a sport, and there is a discipline in sport. To get from one point to another, you need to follow the appropriate pace and dynamics of walking. Beginners do not know these skills. Mountain guides must not only guide a group and point the way, but also determine and adjust the group’s pace.

Shortage of water

This is one of the main mistakes that people make during the first hike. It is very important to have enough water with you, because the human body uses a lot of energy during a long walk. If you do not drink enough water, your body will become dehydrated. In this case, you may not have enough energy to move around. Therefore, even if you do not drink enough water in your daily life, you may not have enough energy to move around during a long walk.

A wrong idea of the distance you have traveled

Before you go on a hike, study the information about how much you will walk in this direction. Very often people participate in hiking, thinking that, for example, they will walk only 4 hours, but in fact they walk 6 hours. So it is important to know where you are going and why, so that your expectations will be met.

Disobedience to the guide

This is the biggest and most unacceptable mistake you can make during a hike. Mountain guides do not tell you about the area and its history. They are experts who know the features and dangers of mountain roads, the rules and types of proper walking, the best directions and ways to safely reach the designated point. Disobeying professionals and finding unnecessary adventures can put you and others in danger. Therefore, compliance with this rule is a must and must not be ignored.

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