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With the proximity of summer, the number of people interested in outdoor sports is growing. Unlike training in gyms, open environment activities allow greater contact with nature and ensure a healthier life, providing greater satisfaction and reducing the stress of its practitioners.

Other advantages of open air sports are the possibility of practicing them in groups of friends or family and the greater availability of schedules, scheduling the practice for the period you have more disposition, without being held hostage of the time and the clock.

That’s why, below, we list five options of sports that can be practiced outdoors for you to get out of the routine, explain how they work and what their main benefits are.


For those who live in flat cities with beaches or parks, riding a bike is a great sport to practice outdoors. Besides being a delight, cycling improves physical conditioning, helps to lose weight and eliminates any remnants of day-to-day stress.

As most large cities have reasonable bike paths today, the bike can also be used as a means of daily transportation, saving your time from traffic and still ensure the regular practice of exercises.

Running and walking

Another great request for those who enjoy outdoor sports and can no longer stand to run on the treadmill indoors, running (or moderate walking) moves all muscle groups of the body and promotes several benefits to the body, improving its functioning and preventing diseases.

In this kind of sport, what counts is the regularity. Unless you are a high performance athlete, who needs to run long distances every day to keep fit, the important thing here is to run or walk at moderate speed for at least 30 minutes, from 3 to 5 times a week.


You may have heard this beautiful saying: “It’s not water with sugar that calms down, it’s water with salt”. This maxim is one of the mantras of those who practice sports at sea – especially the surfers.

Besides being a great exercise to keep the body in shape and strengthen all muscle groups, surfing allows full contact with nature to calm the soul, end stress, invigorate the mind and recharge the batteries.


You know those simple and fun sports? To practice slackline in parks, squares or at the beach, you only need two fixed points of support and an elastic band. Easy, huh?

All right, it’s not that simple: keeping balanced on the tape requires practice and persistence, but this is a great physical exercise, which provides the strengthening of various muscle groups, such as the back and abdomen, in addition to improving your concentration skills, motor coordination and, of course, require a lot of balance.


Do you really want to get out of the routine? How about practicing airsoft? This sport simulates several real combat situations and scenarios, with faithful replicas of firearms, but that shoot little plastic balls.

This sport is excellent for interacting with groups of people, since the disputes are held by teams with varying numbers of members, in missions with various objectives and levels of difficulty.

The danger scenarios require great doses of concentration, dexterity, precision and a lot of teamwork to accomplish the objectives determined in the high adrenaline games.

Outdoor sports are excellent! Just be careful with the chosen time: on very hot and sunny days, do not forget the hydration and sunscreen; at night, be careful with dark streets and places and a lot of wilderness so as not to be in danger. Otherwise, just enjoy and enjoy!

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